How Do You Choose The Best Wheatgrass Juicer? All You Need To Know

Wheatgrass may not look like a delicious ingredient to make a juice but it has amazing health benefits. From detoxifying the body to increasing immune system, traditional medicine practitioners have been using wheatgrass to treat different kinds of illnesses for years.

And instead of going to the grocery or to the store just to buy a wheatgrass juice, you can actually make your own event at home. All you need is a reliable wheatgrass juicer.

Product NameQualityPriceOur Rating
Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer – Black and ChromeA$$$
Handy Pantry HJ Hurricane Stainless Steel Manual Wheatgrass JuicerA-$$$
Green Power KPE1304 Twin Gear Juicer Wheatgrass, Vegetable & Fruit JuicerA+$$$

What is Wheatgrass?


What is wheatgrass? Wheatgrass is a young plant of Triticum aestivum, which is a wheat plant. This is commonly found in the United States as well as in the different regions of Europe.

Unlike other plants, you can actually grow your own wheatgrass by simply putting wheat seeds in the water and just wait for the harvest time.

Health Benefits of Wheatgrass


The reason why a lot of people want to make their wheatgrass juice is the fact that it contains several vitamins and minerals. It is a very nutritious drink. It contains the following:

  • Vitamin A, E, C, K and B6
  • Calcium
  • Selenium
  • Magnesium
  • Iron

And with all the nutrients that you can derive from the juice, it is proven to cure and prevent different diseases and illnesses. Wheatgrass is known to combat the following diseases:

  • Fevers
  • Coughs and Colds
  • Skin conditions
  • Digestive problems
  • Prevents AIDS and cancer

What to Consider When Buying a Wheatgrass Juicer

When buying a wheatgrass juicer, here are the things that you have to consider:

  • Type of Juicer

There are different kinds of juicers including centrifugal, wheatgrass specific and manual juicer.

Centrifugal juicers are not perfectly suitable for making wheatgrass juice so you should go for wheatgrass specific juicers or manual juicers.​

  • Speed

To preserve the nutritional value and content of the juice, it is strongly recommended that you choose a juicer that operates at a low speed as this preserves the nutritional content of the wheatgrass juice or any type of juice you want to extract.

  • Motor Capacity

Look at the motor capacity as this will determine the efficiency of a juice extractor. If it is equipped with a solid motor then you can be sure that it can give you maximum extraction.

  • Durability of Design and Built

Find a juicer that is made from top quality, sturdy and reliable components so you get to have a juice extractor that can last long.

  • Ease of Use and Maintenance

Extracting juice can be quite juice so it helps you have an extractor that is easy to operate and to clean later on. Not all juicers have these features so make sure that you also check them out.

Reviews of 3 Best Cheese Slicer​

To help you choosing the best wheatgrass juicer, we reviewed five of the best juicers that you can find the market.

Product NameQualityPriceOur Rating
Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer – Black and ChromeA$$$
Handy Pantry HJ Hurricane Stainless Steel Manual Wheatgrass JuicerA-$$$
Green Power KPE1304 Twin Gear Juicer Wheatgrass, Vegetable & Fruit JuicerA+$$$

**Below, you’ll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

1. Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juice

The Omega J8006 is a slightly lower speed juicer at 80 rpm compared to other juicers that process at 1600 rpm or even more. That is why this is a good masticating style juicer since it has low speed process.

It can maintain the nutritional value and healthy enzymes when you make your favorite wheatgrass juice. As it comes with a GE Ultem Auger, you have a juicer that is stronger than other plastics.

In addition, it also has a powerful gear reduction feature and can operate quietly. And since it is a dual stage juicer, it gives you a high yield of juice.


  • It operates on low speed so it prevents oxidation and can preserve healthy enzymes.
  • Can extract the maximum amount of taste, nutrients and vitamins from the ingredients used.
  • Very economical, efficient and easy to use.
  • Operates quietly without producing any loud noise.
  • You can store the juice up to 3 days without degradation.


  • If you are looking for a fast speed juicer, this may not be the one for you.

2. Handy Pantry HJ Hurricane Stainless Steel

The Handy Pantry HJ is a manually operated wheatgrass juicer which means that you can make your own juice even if there is no electricity.

What you will like about this juicer is that it is made from stainless steel which makes it a durable and a lightweight juicer so you can carry it for travel.

Unlike other juicers that can be difficult to clean, Handy Pantry HJ is easy to assemble and to clean. It will easily fit countertops up to 2 1/4’’ thick.

Some manual juicers might rust but with Handy Pantry won’t rust not to mention that it can give you superb extraction with the brand giving you 30 day full money back guarantee.


  • Allows you to reduce energy costs since it is manually operated.
  • It is durable and it does not rust.
  • Can give you maximum extraction.
  • Very easy to clean where you only need to allot a few minutes.
  • Has a lightweight and portable design so you can carry it wherever you go.


  • The pulp is not very dry and you have to run it a few times to get all the juice.

3. Green Power KPE1304 Twin Gear Juicer Wheatgrass

A multi-purpose juice extractor, the Samson Green Power KPE1304 is not just perfect for making wheatgrass juices but also other smoothies and juices made from different fruits and vegetables.

It uses bio-ceramic as well as magnetic technology operating on low rotation speed to make sure that the nutrients are still there. What you will like about this juicer is that it is designed for all kinds of applications.

Plus, the juicer itself is made from quality components so you can pretty much be sure that it will last long. In terms of using the device, the Samson Green Power KPE1304 is very easy to operate and it cleans up without any difficulty.


  • A heavy duty juice extractor perfect for different kinds of use and applications.
  • A durable extractor that has quality and efficient components.
  • Can preserve the nutrients and vitamins of the fruits and vegetables because it operates on low speed.
  • Very easy to operate and to clean.


  • When juicing fruits hard can clog.
  • Harder to clean and the plastic will stain if you do not clean up immediately after finishing


Making your own healthy wheatgrass juice is now made possible using a juice extractor. The 3 products mentioned are just some of the best that you can find in the market.

In my opinion, the best wheatgrass juicer in this list is the Green Power KPE1304, the Green Power KPE1304 very quiet operation and the juice delicious.

Also, when stored in the refrigerator the juice does not separate. So, you can now make your own wheatgrass juice.​