Baking Tips from the Pros: How to Make Store-Bought Frosting Better

The holidays might be coming to an end but the fondness of people in eating sumptuous desserts is all year round. Even if you are just a beginner in baking, you can surely make your own delicious dessert. Store-bought frostings may be the best choice instead of having to make your own frosting from scratch. You can usually buy frosting in 16 ounce tubs that comes in various flavors like vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. They are far from the kind of frosting you find in gourmet food but there are ways to enhance its flavor. How to make store-bought frosting better? I’ll share with you some easy and simply tips and tricks. Want to know how? Just keep on reading.

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Things You Need

To start off, you need to prepare the following items:

• Measuring cups and spoons: In baking, accurate measurement is crucial. You need to have measuring cups and spoons in order to have precise measurement so you can have the right mix of ingredients.

• Large bowl: You need to use a big bowl where you can mix the ingredients. It is better to have a glass bowl instead of a plastic one.

• Stand mixer: Using a stand mixer is needed when you have to mix store-bought frosting with other ingredients for flavoring.

• Hand mixer: A hand mixer may be a goof alternative incase you do not have any stand mixer.

• Silicon spatula: You use a silicon spatula to combine the frosting along with the other ingredients.

How to Enhance Consistency

In some cases, you might end up buying a frosting that is too soft. If you need it for cake decoration, you have to make it thicker by using powdered sugar. First is you can use powdered sugar. Choose whichever brand you like but it is better that it is organic and free from any chemical. You also need to have water in case the consistency is too thick. Use purified/distilled water.

How to Enhance Taste

Frosting in any dessert is supposed to complement the taste. The downside of store-bought frosting is the taste might be bland. To enhance the taste, you can use cream cheese. Adding cream cheese gives the frosting that creamy and rich flavor. Most frosting packages available in the market are too sweet so this is a good way to reduce the level of sweetness.

How to Add Color

Desserts apart from their taste are also judged by their color and look. To make your dessert recipe more appetizing, you may want to play around with colors. Using food coloring to your frosting is a good way to add more color to your dessert. But just be careful since some food dyes may have carcinogens. Choose food coloring that is naturally made.

Step by Step Instructions

To make your store-bought frosting much better, you need to have the right consistency. Simply follow the step by step instructions or watch this video for additional tips:

Watch how to make store-bought frosting in this video here.

1. In a huge bowl, pour the frosting and then add ¼ cup of powdered sugar.

2. Using either a hand mixer or a stand mixer, mix the two for about 30 seconds or until such a time you get the right consistency.

3. Check the consistency. Dip the spatula into your frosting. The trick here is if the spatula stands on its own, you have just the right thickness.

4. Once you have achieved the right consistency, you can add the following ingredients to add more flavor.

Other Ingredients to Add Flavor

1. Powder Mix Sprinkle Kool Aid or any powder drink of your own choice. You may want to add more if you prefer to have stronger flavor. Using powder mix is preferred by many as it adds flavor and it also adds color to your frosting.

2. Peanut Butter Peanut butter spread is delicious on bread and guess what you can also add it to your frosting. It goes perfectly if you are making a chocolate cupcake.

3. Assorted Candies Adding assorted candies to your frosting make it more creative and appealing to the eyes. You can crush candies or you can toss chocolate chips into your store-bought frosting.

4. Flavored Extracts Do you want to have the simplest way to bring that extra flavor in your frosting? Using a flavored extract is the easiest way to do it. You can use cotton candy, coconut or vanilla extract. Avoid artificial flavors and go for pure ones.

5. Chopped Nuts To give your dessert that extra crunchy flavor, you can add chopped nuts. It adds texture to your frosting and it also gives you that earthy taste. Some of the nuts you can use macadamia, pecans, walnuts and almond.

6. Jams Jams add not just flavor but can also be used to improve the consistency of your store-bought frosting. There are different variants to choose from like orange and strawberry. Choose the jam that gives you the right consistency, something that is not too thick or soft.

7. Fruits Bakers would add fruits in pastries and desserts and you can definitely do it to your frosting too. You can squeeze in your choice of fruit into the frosting. You can also puree the fruit in a blender. Stir it properly and add it into your frosting. Not only does it give you additional color and flavor, it is also very healthy.

8. Coffee Syrup Want to try a unique taste on your frosting? Adding some coffee syrup can bring life to your dessert. Using coffee syrup is a nice choice of ingredient especially if you will be serving the dessert to people who like coffee.

Store-bought frosting saves you time and it is a convenient way to if you are making your own dessert. With these easy to follow tips and tricks, you can surely make the most out of your frosting to bring that extra flavor. Just make sure that you only purchase fresh frosting. By adding the ingredients listed above and a little bit of your creativity, it is as if you personally made the frosting.

Do you have other tips you would like to share with us? We would like to hear from you!


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