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Best Breakfast Recipes You’ll Adore

Breakfast is the most important meal in everyday diet. It gives you energy and sets you up for the successful day. I strive to find new and interesting recipes and nutritious ingredients every single day, while trying to have fun at the same time. There’s a vast knowledge base out there on the web, and […]


Potato Poppers With Cheddar

Why did I call these “poppers”? Because they look just like the rubber poppers you see at kid’s parties and in gumball machines! These bite-size stuffed potatoes boast crispy skin and a tender, cheesy center. They make a great party appetizer and side dish for meat, fish and poultry. What about the extra potato filling? […]


Parmesan Chicken Pops With Marinara

You won’t believe the incredible amount of flavor you get from just a handful of ingredients. The chicken is layered with the flavors of butter, garlic and parmesan cheese, and then it’s roasted until the cheese is nutty and golden brown. And, because fresh garlic is infused into bubbly, creamy butter, you can enjoy the […]